Share your skills and earn some coin by creating online courses on a Learning Management System (LMS) that’s designed, built and managed to your specifications.

Intuitive course creation

  • Easy to use drag and drop function to build your online courses
  • Add value by grouping multiple courses into programs with accreditation options for your star students
  • Keep them engaged by lining up courses that unlock one after the other
  • Motivate your students with printable certificates
  • Encourage learning on the go, your site is mobile and tablet friendly

Premium learning experience

  • Cater to every learning style with multimedia lessons
  • Secure future revenue with drip feed courses
  • Gather marketing data by offering free sample lessons in exchange for contact details

Interactive classroom

  • Increase conversion and course completion rates by creating a learning community
  • Help students track their progress with personalised profiles
  • Encourage course completion using gamified content and badges
  • Nurture a thriving community through comments, forums, private coaching areas and timelines
  • Target students with relevant email content

Easy online course creator & student management

Efficient student management

  • Keep track of your students’ progress, add or remove them to courses and view their reports
  • Enrol one at a time or in bulk, or let students self-enrol using activation codes
  • Start with one student, one course and scale to a multi-level online school servicing millions of students without changing platform

Streamlined subscription and membership management

  • Secure more revenue by creating membership packages
  • Encourage purchase by protecting your content with a membership wall and a visible sales page to welcome new users
  • Attract recurring revenue with a subscription service

Valuable reporting

  • Easy to read, customisable sales, enrolment and student reports to view or download
  • Integrated Google Analytics to track your site’s performance